The PeerCorps Network is an international partnership of independent non-governmental and community based organizations which are held together by a common mission and values. Along with the PeerCorps Trust Fund in Tanzania, the below organizations are collaborating members in the PeerCorps Network.

North America
The John Harvey Lowery Foundation The John Harvey Lowery Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in the United States whose mission lies in increasing educational opportunities. The foundation identifies and supports initiatives and organizations involved in poverty reduction, health promotion and education. It furthers it's mission via through grassroots initiatives and by increasing access to information which supports sustainable development.

South America
The Consultative Group on Latin American Development and Security COGLADES is a Latin American non-profit organization based in Paraguay with pending status under Paraguayan Civil Code. The organization's main focus is to tackle security issues including those concerning child injury in low-income urban areas of Latin America. COGLADES is strategically based in the heart of Latin America to facilitate meetings and workshops among groups of experts distributed in neighboring countries.

Corporación Sembrando en Familia The Seeding Families Corporation is a non-governmental organization based in the low-income neighborhoods of Medellín, Colombia. Its mission is to enhance the living conditions of marginalized communities via education and program planning.

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