Nzega Book Project

Books develop the imagination and give access to experiences that would be otherwise inaccessible. From fairy tales to historical narratives, from science fiction to encyclopedias, books allow people young and old to experience the world. Within education, books are a foundation of the learning experience, and language and literacy are tools that children need to develop to communicate and engage in an increasingly integrated global community.

Many of us are lucky to have books from infancy, and it is difficult to imagine the void left by a deficiency of books, especially in terms of learning and education. The Nzega Book Project supports the education system and efforts by the District Commissioner and local government to improve the book situation in newly established schools. We, at PeerCorps, believe that any book is worth reading, and therefore we request friends, local and international, to contact us if they have used or new books that can be supplied to these schools, as well as to the district library for students, teachers and the general public to read.

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